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Each employee:
Hello everyone!

First, thanks for your hard work! Thanks for your support and cooperation! It is the spiritual tradition of"unity and hard work, striving for excellence" lets us go step by step up to today.

I have been convinced that: employees are the greatest wealth. So I hope that our managers can give full trust and respect, care and love for staff. Let the staff as the factory owner, enables it to display the biggestinitiative and the creativity. Sincerely hope that all employees and managers that worked hard to overcome all the difficulties of this year's effort to complete production targets and tasks. Let's daily work bit by bit, let us hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, to overcome all difficulties. We constantly hone our will to improve the quality of self. Do have a pursuit, dare to take responsibility.

In adhering to the basis of past achievements,also looking forward to exploring new areas. We will work to become the market leader in mechanical hardware, will comprehensively promote the internationalization strategy for the early realization of the magnificent goal into the world five hundred.

Finally, take this opportunity to thanks again for all managers and all employees wit the support and help of my work! Sincerely thank you!

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