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Product Description
1) 15 years' production experience 
2)  could help customer design the mold and offer valued suggestions to reduce costs for customer
3)  can handle with aluminum alloy, A360, A380, A383, AlSi10Mg, AlSi9Cu3, ADC3, ADC6, ADC12, ZL104 and ZL107
4)  ISO9001-2008 certified
5)  OEM is welcome 
6)  PPAP documents is available if needed.


Drawing→ Mold → Die casting  →  Deburring  →  Drilling holes  →  Tapping  →  CNC Machining  →  CNC control center  →  Polishing  →  Surface Finishing   →  Assembly  →  Quality Inspection  →  Packing

Available Casting Information



stainless steel ,carbon steel ,alloy steel, brass, aluminum,zinc alloy,ductile Iron,grey iron, etc,according to customer drawings and specifications.

Casting process

Silica Sol casting ,composite casting, soluble glass casting, sand casting, gravity casting, permanent mold casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, ect.

Additional machining

 turning , milling, drilling, grinding, threading, CNC machining, etc.

Surface treatment

sand blasting, shot/ bead blasting, polishing, plating, acid treatment, anodizing, painting, powder coating,passivating,electropolishing etc.


Industrial machinery parts, Marine hardwares, Pipe Fitting Parts, Textile machinery parts, Sport facility parts, Pneumatic tools parts, Fluid equipment parts, Copper alloy parts, Food machinery parts, Auto parts, Elevator Parts, Air compressor Parts, Electric machine & hardware fittings, Mining & earth moving machinery accessories, pump body and valve.

Packaging Information

1.Put light oil onto product.
2. VCI packaging is available with desiccant.
3. Pack product individually by bubble bag or Foam packaging.
4. Good quality carton pack by Grade A carton, each carton is no more than 35lbs.
5. Pallet or wooden case.

Advantages of aluminum die casting  

 1) The Products are of good quality:high precision of dimension, generally equivalent to level 6~7, even can reach level 4. Good surface finish, generally equivalent to level 5~8; high strength and hardness. The strength is generally 25~30% higher than that of sand mold casting. But the elongation decrease about 70%. Stable size, good compatibility. Aluminum alloy castings can be up to 0.5mm. The smallest pore size is 0.7mm. The minimum pitch is 0.75mm.

2) High production efficiency: The machine productivity is high, such as domestic JIII type 3 horizontal cold aluminum die casting machine can work 600~700 times in 8 hours. Small hot chamber die casting machine can work 3000~ 7000times in 8 hours. The die casting aluminum alloy can work hundreds of thousands of times or even millions of times, easy to realize mechanization and automation.     

3) Good economic effect:its accurate size and smooth surface can be used directly without second mechanic processing. Not only can it improve the utilization rate of metal, but also it reduces a lot of processing equipment and working hours.

Our Services

1. Provide customized Service: could make product for customer according to customer samples or drawings.

2. Can deal with various drawings soft wares:  PRO/E,  Auto CAD,  Slid Work,  UG, etc

3. Could offer samples for free .

4. Submit samples with official inspection reports including  Material chemical compsition report, Mechanical Property report and dimensional report.

5.We could supply storage service for customer if required.

6. Lead time: 20days for samples, 30days for production.

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